15 Things About Me

15 Things

I thought since I am getting my blog up and going again that it would be fun to share a few things with you about me.

I love meeting new friends. It would be great if you leave me a comment below with something about you.

Or 15.

Or 20.

As many as you want. Just have fun with it! I look forward to reading them.

Hope the sun is shining in your part of the world and have an awesome day!

1. Coffee is my drink of choice. It is even better if a pastry is involved. God and I have a deal…when I get to Heaven there is a coffee and pastry room for my friends and I at least for the first 1000 years.

2. I need music on ALL the time.

3. I kiss my fur babies a hundred times a day. Until they get irritated with me and try to bite my nose. Seriously.

4. I have an obsession with dishes. Just ask Mr. D (hubs) as we emptied the pantry out this weekend for a renovation. (I will be sharing the progress soon)

5. Spring is my favorite season or maybe summer. Ha. Ask me in a few months.

6. I love to buy cookbooks and look at all the pictures and then never make any of the recipes. Anyone else do this?

7. My dream is to have a full time cook. See #6.

8. My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs and toast with mashed avocado on it.

9. I have a re-arranging the furniture disease. Is there a phobia or something for this?

10. I get excited when new magazines come in the mail. I will wait until my afternoon cup of coffee and look through them.

11. I have a realty app on my phone and will spend minutes hours looking at houses.

12. I recently got addicted to Scandal and watched all 4 seasons in two weeks. Hey! It was cold outside.

13. I try to start everyday writing in my journal and reading some scriptures.

14. I’ve lived in six states…the latest being Minnesota.

15. I used to love to walk around the mall for hours…now, I’m an online shopper.

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6 thoughts on “15 Things About Me

  1. Didn’t know some of these things. .. but none of them surprise me. 🙂 You’re personality comes through your writing. 🙂

  2. Aunt Cindy, I will totally be your full time cook, as long as I get to use all of your fancy cookbooks and dishes! LOL <3

      1. Haha! Only if you will let me learn how to take a blood pressure and test all of my new nursing skills on you. 🙂

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