Breville Juicer Review


I asked Santa for a juice machine for Christmas last year and after doing some research I tipped him off as to which one I would like. Lo and behold! He got the memo. Ha.

It seems the older I get before I buy any kind of appliance large or small I spend some time reading reviews and searching for the best deal. This one seemed to fit the bill. Santa did pretty good!

We use this machine daily and it is so easy to clean. It extracts the juice right out of fruit and veggies and leaves a very dry pulp. You can always use the pulp in recipes. Great to thicken a soup and get the added health benefits.

The cost was a huge factor for me and this one came in at $149 here  It is still available and it is 15% off right now. Bonus!

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Grandmom’s Shoofly Pie

Grandmom's Shoofly

You should have seen the look on Mr. D’s face when he walked in last night and saw this pie sitting on the counter. This is seriously his favorite dessert. He wants me to make this on his birthday, every holiday and at least once a month.

It is good straight out of the oven, after its been sitting at room temperature or cold in the refrigerator.

It is a special recipe perfected by his Grandmom years ago before she passed. I remember her and her son (my father-in-law) working in the kitchen for hours making pie after pie until she got it right.

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15 Things About Me

15 Things

I thought since I am getting my blog up and going again that it would be fun to share a few things with you about me.

I love meeting new friends. It would be great if you leave me a comment below with something about you.

Or 15.

Or 20.

As many as you want. Just have fun with it! I look forward to reading them.

Hope the sun is shining in your part of the world and have an awesome day!
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Weekend Wanderings Episode 1

Weekend Wanderings Epsiode 1

This last week hubs took a few days off so we headed up north to Duluth. It is about three hours from our home.

We were excited to spend some time exploring, hitting our favorite restaurant and maybe a hike or two.

Well…it snowed and rained for two days then turned to beautiful sunshine as we were packing up to come home. We just had to laugh because this is not the first time that the weather has not been our friend.

We caught a movie (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2…save your $…just my opinion), played a lot of Skip-Bo and drank a lot of Starbucks. It was very relaxing and if we had stayed at home we just would have gotten caught up in a project or two.chowder

IMG_0977The Pickwick best place in Duluth to eat! They grill their steaks over a briquet fire and it is seriously so amazing!

The clam chowder is the best I have ever had…FULL of clams. Nice big meaty chunks. In this cup I had there were only about four bites of potato nestled in the creamy goodness. Usually it’s all potato with a hint of clams. (do you think I liked the chowder?)

The steak will melt in your mouth and the garlic mashed potatoes will have you wishing for a dessert made of them. If you ever get to Duluth it’s a must.  Pickwick Duluth Read more