Weekend Wanderings Episode 5



In August, Mr. D and I had a great 2 weeks on the road. We took our time and stopped when we saw something interesting and had no agenda. It was fabulous! It’s a great way to take a vacation. We have spent so many vacations in a huge hurry to get somewhere which was fine at the time, but if you can this is a great way to go. We both were in agreement we will do this again. Here are the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

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It’s Pumpkin Time!

It's Pumpkin Time!

It’s Pumpkin Time! Already. Can you believe? I cannot go into a store without being bombarded with everything pumpkin flavored. I even saw Pumpkin Cheerios! I mean I like the flavor, but cereal??? Have you tried it? If you have…please leave a comment and tell me. I may just have to spend the $4 to try them.

I have been decorating just a little for fall. I don’t do a whole lot, just little touches here and there. I go all out for Christmas so I don’t feel like having to dismantle everything for two holidays/seasons so close together. Plus, my husband has a fit every year when I start getting all the boxes out and tells me that I need to get rid of some decorations. I can’t imagine if I started adding a bunch of fall, too. AND how do you get rid of decorations?!! Isn’t there a law against that?

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Things that make me happy


I always enjoy these posts. I love looking through my pictures and seeing what pops out and me and gives me a smile. That’s how I come up with “What makes me happy”. As you know I am a coffee lover and this picture made me smile because my daughter took this picture. I was taken at our local Caribou Coffee while her and her husband were here during the summer. The three of us had been out shopping and having lunch and took a coffee break.

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My Favorite Blogs

Happy Labor Day! I know that after today it always seems like summer is over. Kids are back to school and everything pumpkin comes out along with boots and scarves. I was trying to remember back if Labor Day was a “special” day growing up. All I can remember is, that the next day school started and we were busy getting ready for the big day. I was always upset that I had to go to bed and it was still light outside. lol  Now days I don’t have to worry about any of that and I can spend my day putting my feet up while drinking a pumpkin latte and decorating the house with pumpkins and all things orange. I loved the days of getting my kids ready for school (even though I home schooled them) but, I enjoy this stage in life even more.

purple roses

Dontcha just love these flowers! I always find the most gorgeous bouquets at Trader Joe’s.

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