Apple Crisp Pie

Apple Crisp Pie

I’m back! That was a crazy couple of weeks. First I got sick and then my blog disappeared. Yep. Just poof! and it was gone. I was working on it one day and then the next it wasn’t there. It was the most puzzling thing ever. I could not fathom where it was…floating on a cloud, took a vaca, was out shopping, perhaps napping? I waited a few days and then had to call a professional in. My daughter. Yep, she is my hero. There was a form that had been downloaded (by her) and the blog just decided that it didn’t like it there. So, the form is gone and the blog rebooted (I like to think a swift kick in the rear) and viola! it is back.

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Hail the Apple!


Wow! Life has really gotten in the way of my blogging lately. LOL First, I took a few days off to get my house cleaned…oh yes, I was getting really behind. When your hubs asks if there will be any clean underwear coming soon you know you’d better stop and catch up on things. Then this last week my daughter’s cosmetology school shut down. You may have seen it in the news. They closed all 79 schools across the country. No warning…one day they were in school then that night they get an email and the next day they were to go to the school and clean out their lockers. Yes…it was very traumatizing. We have since found another school and it looks like it’s all going to work out for the best. So…back to weekly dinner menus and looking for yummy desserts. Apple Scone anyone? Oh yes please! Especially with an apple cider cinnamon glaze.

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It’s Pumpkin Time!

It's Pumpkin Time!

It’s Pumpkin Time! Already. Can you believe? I cannot go into a store without being bombarded with everything pumpkin flavored. I even saw Pumpkin Cheerios! I mean I like the flavor, but cereal??? Have you tried it? If you have…please leave a comment and tell me. I may just have to spend the $4 to try them.

I have been decorating just a little for fall. I don’t do a whole lot, just little touches here and there. I go all out for Christmas so I don’t feel like having to dismantle everything for two holidays/seasons so close together. Plus, my husband has a fit every year when I start getting all the boxes out and tells me that I need to get rid of some decorations. I can’t imagine if I started adding a bunch of fall, too. AND how do you get rid of decorations?!! Isn’t there a law against that?

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Weekly Clean Eats – 4

Can you believe that we are in August already?

Can you believe that I have been thinking about where to put the Christmas trees this year?

It’s a sickness…I know. I need counseling. I mean I haven’t even been on vacation yet!

Here we are in the hottest month of the year, so I thought we could all use some recipes to keep us on track health wise all the while keeping our kitchens cool.

avacado chicken salad

This looks absolutely fabulous! I always forget about using lettuce in place of bread. If I am eating out I usually just take the bread out, but at home using lettuce is a great way to get a little more veggies in, too.

Recipe & photo credit

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