June Stitch Fix

This was Stitch Fix #25 for me this month. I am going to be totally honest with my review each month. This month was a bummer. I was really excited for some fun colors and splashy prints for summer and as you will see it is just kinda blah. I let my consultant know and I am looking forward to the next fix.

It is so fun to get a box and shop from home. I’m really bad about buying clothes and not trying them on at the store. I usually have to return things and it drives my husband crazy. Haha. With this I love the convenience of trying on and having my closet handy so that I can see if items will mix and match with what I already have. I always forget what I have when I’m out shopping. You know what I mean?

If you would like to give it a go just click on the stitch fix picture on my side bar. Enjoy!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPixley Ruba Anorak Jacket $88  The sleeves were a bit tight which was kinda weird, that is not a problem I usually have. *Sent it back

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust Black Adorra Skinny Jean $88  Love the color! Isn’t the mint green so pretty? They gaped too much on the back waistband, that is a problem I often have. *Sent them back

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACrescent Claudius Crochet Detail Top $54  I liked the chambray material it was very soft and a pretty blue. I do like a top that is a bit longer, so this didn’t work. *Sent it back

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALoveappella Oliver Crochet Yoke Knit Top $54  This is light and very comfortable. I think it will be very nice for a cooler evening and definitely in the Fall. I like that it is longer in the back. *Kept it

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALoveappella Oliver Faux Leather Trim Knit Top $58  I just wasn’t into the colors at this time of the year. It was very comfortable though. *Sent it back

I have made the brand bold so if there is something that you are interested in you can look up the brand that looks interesting. Some of these items might seem a little pricey (they were to me) and you can tell your stylist what price range you would like your items to be in. I need to change mine. lol  Also, if you purchase all 5 of your items they give you 25% off.

May Favorites


It’s time for May Favorites. Did this past month go by as fast for you as it did for me? Geez…with the beautiful weather here I just want it all to slow down a bit.

I am enjoying sharing my favorites with you. These are things that I use on a daily basis or often. I hope you enjoy!

1.//  Casetify Phone Case  This company has so many awesome phone cases that it is really hard to pick just one. I went for  something that would be neutral and go with all my outfits for the summer. That’s important, right?!

2.//  Insulated Water Bottle  I have mentioned this one before in a previous post (Mother’s Day), but I seriously take it with me every time I leave the house so I felt like I needed to mention it again. I just fill it with cold water and a few ice cubes and it stays extremely cold even when I leave it in the hot car. It doesn’t get all “sweaty” on the outside and it’s cute to boot. It will keep drinks hot, too. Perfect for year round.

3.//  Face Cleanser  In my almost 50 years this is my favorite face cleanser yet. It removes all the make-up with one pass and brightens your face, too. Leaves your face feeling amazing and fresh without feeling dry. It’s a cleanser, toner and make-up remover all in one. Awesome!

4.//  Dashing Dish Cookbook  As you know we have been working on eating better around here for some time now and this seriously has been the best cookbook to keep me on track. My family loves every dish and I am excited to try each recipe. If you are looking to cook healthier this is a great start.

5.//  BaubleBar Necklace  I was star struck from the moment I opened it. It looks fabulous with something dressy or even a t-shirt. So versatile. I love online shopping…don’t you?! They have a fantastic selection of jewelry and seem to be running a special sale very often. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

May Stitch-Fix


I started getting Stitch Fix about 2 years ago. It is really fun and I love getting a box each month. I mean, who doesn’t like getting a “surprise” sent to you? Surprise as in…you don’t know what the clothes/items are. Some months it hits right on and I keep everything and sometimes I send it all back. I usually end up keeping at least one or two items each month. It is fun to get something that you might not normally go for and after you try it on and think “that looks pretty good!” The items you don’t want you just put back into a pre-paid envelope that they provide and stick it in your mailbox. That simple.

If you want to give it a go you can click on the Stitch Fix picture that is on my side bar. If you try it out, let me know. I would love to hear what you think about it and how you like your fix. Here is what was in my box this month…

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