Weekend Wanderings Episode 5



In August, Mr. D and I had a great 2 weeks on the road. We took our time and stopped when we saw something interesting and had no agenda. It was fabulous! It’s a great way to take a vacation. We have spent so many vacations in a huge hurry to get somewhere which was fine at the time, but if you can this is a great way to go. We both were in agreement we will do this again. Here are the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

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Weekend Wanderings Episode 4

Weekend(1)Well, hellooooo Summer! Someone walked by the thermostat and gave it a bump or two. I thought this year I was just going to breeze on through and pretend I lived in San Diego or something. Seriously, the weather up here is beautiful and I’m just being a big baby.

Mr. D and I have a vacation planned soon and I am excited to visit a few new places across the country and share them with you.

We have lived here in the Minneapolis area for two years now and just recently discovered Calhoun Square. It is a shopping area that has some great shops and places to eat. These umbrellas are the coolest thing ever! It made my mind go crazy thinking of what you could do for different events with them.

calhoun 1Even though the day was a little dreary they made me happy and smile. The song from Mary Poppins “Go Fly a Kite” came to mind. I know they are not kites, but it’s what I thought of. My girls were with me and it was a lot of fun walking around there.

calhoun 2

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Weekend Wanderings Episode 3

Weekend(1)I hope you are enjoying the Weekend Wandering episodes as much as I am. It is fun sharing with you the places we explore on the weekends.

I am really excited that the weather is warming up and hope to have lots of water pictures soon! I love to go where there is water…whether it be a lake or the beach.

What are some summer adventures you are heading off to this year?

Hope you like lots of pictures because there are a bunch coming up! Read on…

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Colorado Wedding


The weekend before last my daughter and I drove from Minnesota to Colorado for my nieces wedding. The drive really isn’t that bad (13 hours) and I like having my car so that I can come and go when I please. We had a wonderful time spending the weekend with family and friends…some that we hadn’t seen in over 8 years. We laughed a lot, shared some memories, danced together and went out to dinner. The time went by wayyyyy too fast and I’m looking forward to the next wedding so we can do it again! This is photo overload…enter at your own risk. Ha.

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