September Favorites


I sampled this cereal for you!  Special K comes up with some pretty great flavors. How about the one with chocolate bits in it or strawberry? Anywhoooooo…I like pumpkin and spice and get excited when the flavor debuts every year. I don’t try much of it I must confess. I mean some things like little muffins and packaged things just don’t do it for me. I am more of get a pumpkin spice latte once or twice (ok, I’m lying…three) and make some pumpkin scones. I prefer the homemade goodies…altho’, starbucks has a pretty good pumpkin scone. The icing on the top alone is worth the extra sugar rush. This cereal has a hint of pumpkin, not overwhelming at all. MrD thought it was too sweet, but I didn’t get that at all. Just the right amount of spice and sweet.

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Things that make me happy


I always enjoy these posts. I love looking through my pictures and seeing what pops out and me and gives me a smile. That’s how I come up with “What makes me happy”. As you know I am a coffee lover and this picture made me smile because my daughter took this picture. I was taken at our local Caribou Coffee while her and her husband were here during the summer. The three of us had been out shopping and having lunch and took a coffee break.

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My Favorite Blogs

Happy Labor Day! I know that after today it always seems like summer is over. Kids are back to school and everything pumpkin comes out along with boots and scarves. I was trying to remember back if Labor Day was a “special” day growing up. All I can remember is, that the next day school started and we were busy getting ready for the big day. I was always upset that I had to go to bed and it was still light outside. lol  Now days I don’t have to worry about any of that and I can spend my day putting my feet up while drinking a pumpkin latte and decorating the house with pumpkins and all things orange. I loved the days of getting my kids ready for school (even though I home schooled them) but, I enjoy this stage in life even more.

purple roses

Dontcha just love these flowers! I always find the most gorgeous bouquets at Trader Joe’s.

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Desserts & Memories

Summer please don’t leave me yet! I thoroughly enjoy each season especially living in Minnesota. Summer always seems to go by too fast though. Not just because if where we live, but I think it always has. As a kid I was always bummed to go back to school. I have lots of fun memories going to the lake, camping, swimming and playing outside until it was too dark to see. Sunburns and mosquito bites always didn’t feel so bad after a trip to Baskin Robbins or a slurpee from 7-eleven.


3 Ingredient Raspberry Fool ~ Recipe & Photo Credit

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