Graze Subscription Box Review


Recently I was given the opportunity to review a subscription box from Graze. First off, I was very impressed by the packaging. It comes in a very sturdy box and the picture inside of the raspberries made me feel like I was getting healthy treats right off. The “goodies” are nestled in their own packages and all stacked neatly together. It was a treat just opening it!

From Graze: We offer three different box sizes. Our standard graze boxes contain 8 portion controlled snacks. We offer a variety box which will let you explore all the graze snacks we have to offer (taking your preferences into account, of course!) We also offer a calorie count box in which each individual snack pack is less than 150 calories, a sugar count box in which each snack contains less than 5 grams of sugar, a sweet treats box for those with a sweet tooth, and a savory box to satisfy your savory cravings. Read all about them here to see which box is perfect for you. Graze sharing box contains 5 sharing bags of snacks, which is about 20 servings. You can choose exactly which snacks you wish to receive in your sharing box and you can also control whether you’d like certain snacks to appear in every box or if you are happy to receive a selection from your full list. Occasionally, we will offer 4 snack sizes of specialty boxes.


These packages are very shiny and gave me fits trying to photograph them…so excuse the shiny pictures.

All your treats come in 1/2 cup portions and easy to open. They are labeled very clearly on the front and even tell you the calorie count. Seriously, the hard part is choosing which flavors you want to order. There are over 100 different varieties! Example: Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack, Billionaires Shortbread (I like the name of that), Booster Seeds, Cinnamon Pretzels and the list goes on and on. One of my favorites was the Pumpkin Spice Flapjack.


Another great thing about this box is that with the smaller portions you don’t nosh away on a whole bag of something that might not be the greatest for you. Also, with the amounts you don’t have to worry about something going stale. They are great to throw in your purse, lunch box, diaper bag, office drawer…you get the idea.  Great finger sized portions for the little ones in your life, too.

From the Graze site: Our in-house nutritionist, Jess, works with the Taste Team to make sure that every single recipe has a benefit for you – whether it be essential vitamins and minerals or a source of protein. No sugary snacks here!


You can get your first box FREE by entering the reward code CJ2016 in the promo code box. Compliments for checking out this review. WooHoo! Just click here to take you directly to the site and you can get these healthy snacks coming your way, pronto!


To read more about the company and their story of how they started you can go HERE. 

Let me know what your favorite flavors are so that I can try them too!

xoxo cynthia janine

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