I need Essential Oils

I am sharing the first thing that helped me at this phase in my life.

As I talked in my last post, I am in the Peri-menopause stage and it hit me upside the head like a brick. I felt like I could deal with the fatigue and aching by my own sheer will power. After all I am a lady and we can do anything, right?! I mean, I gave birth to four babies…I can do this.

The one thing I absolutely could not…refused to live with was the anxiety.

It is crippling.

Not wanting to leave the house.

I mean going to buy groceries was getting ridiculous. I just prayed I could make it through the store without having to run to the bathroom sick to my stomach. Weekends were getting be a drag because my husband just wanted to get out the door first thing and I had to wait until my stomach was clear and I felt okay (nerves wise) to leave the house. I love to travel and even a car trip was freaking me out.

I tried to hide it and was getting pretty good at making an excuse to delay getting out of the house. This is NOT the right thing to do. Finally opening up to my family and letting them know how I was feeling helped so much!

I went to the Dr for some help and she prescribed me Xanax. Told me that if it continued to be anxious that she would give me something that I would need to take daily. I numbly sat there and took the prescription and got it filled. I will admit that it did help, but after a few hours the feelings would be back. It is highly addictive and I definitely didn’t want to be addicted to a medication. I began doing my own research and found out that during this phase in your life that your body goes a bit nuts. Ha! Hormones  whacked, sweating, depression and the list goes on and on. Oh ya…cholesterol goes up too and the Dr said if I didn’t get it under control in two months she was putting me on yet another drug. Did she tell me how to reduce it? Nope.

I am working with a naturopathic Dr now and she changed most of my vitamins, which I will share more about later. I had blood tests, stool test (yep) and hormone test. Wow! You mean there are natural ways to do this…to get through this awful time in my life? YES!!! If you can go to a natural Dr, I cannot stress how life changing it can be.

Okay…this has been a long story to let you know that I found an essential oil that I will not live without. I do not sell this and I am not a Dr or nutritionist, just a lady who is feeling 99% better and wanted you to know about it. It is Progessense Plus from Young Living. You can look up the oils to help with the change of life and there are a lot of different ones, but this has the mixture already done for you!

I put 2 drops on each forearm morning and night. Rub your arms together and viola! It smells good, too. I very skeptically started this while on a trip and was so busy that I didn’t have much time to really think about it. Just got into a habit of doing this day and night. About a week later I realized that I wasn’t anxious. Hmmmm…the trip home was uneventful and I didn’t need any Xanax.

I started using this oil the end of February and it is now the end of June and I can’t even remember the last time that I felt anxious. All I know is that God gave us all these great herbs and so thankful that there are some super smart people out there that have learned what they do for our bodies. I am all about doing things as natural as possible and feel thankful every single day that I found this essential oil. I did do a lot of research on different brands and found that Young Living is pure and doesn’t use any fillers. They are a little more money than some other brands, but that is why.

I hope this has helped you even just a little and as always if I can help you find an answer, please let me know.

You can find this oil HERE.

It’s an awesome day to have an awesome day!

Love, Cindy

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