Pantry Renovation


You are probably looking at this picture and thinking…huhhhhh?! First off I gotta tell you I am not a professional photographer so these are not the best. Do you know how hard it is to take pictures in a closet? Geez. The coloring is so hard. *smacking my head* Anyhow, hope you will stick with me because I am so proud of my husband and our new pantry is fabulousssss! It is seriously my favorite room in the house. I just keep standing in it.

The picture above is after we gutted the room out. It was full of white wire racks that the builder had installed. This room is about 5′ by 7′ and you can imagine how much I had stuffed in there. It went down to this…


I was putting things everywhere! In the mudroom, the entryway…anywhere I could find a spot. I got rid of a lot, too. When you streamline down to this you find out what you really use on a daily basis.


Mr. D putting some wains coating up first. I have to tell you I put this poor man through about 2 weeks of me not making up my mind about what color I wanted in here. I originally wanted blue (like a jeans blue), then we decided on gray. He painted it from top to bottom and it was gorgeous! A soft dove gray. Welllllllll, I changed my mind again. I just didn’t like the way that it was bouncing of the color of the walls in the kitchen. So the poor guy repainted it white. Yep, white. It looks so crisp and clean and I am happy with the choice. I swear this man is a saint with me trying to make a decision at times.


Right before the shelves went in and the granite was installed. It matches the kitchen.




Blue tape is so amazing not only for painting, but also to mark out a design. I think he went through a roll masking ideas out for me. Yep, that decision thing again.


We had an electrician come in and add some plugs and a wire for under counter lighting.


The faces going on before the painting.




Finished! I am still working on decorating of it. Oh ya, you can be sure this is going to take me some time. I am currently looking for some glass canisters for flours and sugars.

There is a switch on the side wall that you can’t see that turns on the light under the counter and also for the ceiling light. I want to add a pretty sparkly chandelier and trying to decide on one. Haha.

I love that with the plugs that I can add a second coffee pot and my kitchen aid. It frees up my counters in the kitchen which I love. There is a plan for some doors on the front lower cabinets. They still need to painted…I’m giving him a break. I’m nice that way.


Here is a view from my kitchen. Swoon. Please, once again forgive the quality of photos.I told my husband he is hired for the next house, too.

Incidentally, when we went to a cabinet shop and had this priced out it came in to the tune of $10,000. We did this for around $3000.

I know this was a project that was more fun for me than my husband. There were some days I thought I would go nuts looking for ingredients, but it was totally worth it.

Thanks for letting me share this with you!




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