Things that make me happy!

state theatre

A few weekends ago Mr. D and I went to see Kirk Franklin in concert. It was seriously one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Ever. This is the beautiful building it was held at. The State Theatre in Minneapolis. It was really neat to see all the handiwork that went into this place. They don’t build them like this anymore. Here is a little info from the site.  The State Theatre seats 2,181. It opened in 1921 and was considered the most technologically advanced and elaborate theatre in the United States.


I have been wanting to get a new camera that I can carry easily with me around town and for our weekend excursions. This is what I ended up buying. It looks pretty cool…like old school. Trust me, it is not. I have a large DSLR, but it gets to be a lug at times. I’ve only had it for a few days and so far having fun with it. We spent over an hour at a camera store with a salesman who is a photographer and selling cameras for 30 years. I’m glad we were able to talk to him and glean from his knowledge. If you would like to know more about it you can go here.

A bowling afternoon is always a good idea. Especially if you have such a handsome guy to take you. I’m not biased at all!


This is my favorite salad from a locally owned restaurant near us. I am craving this salad just looking at it. Tender shrimp on a bed of greens tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette topped with pine nuts and goat cheese. Heaven.

What is something that makes you happy???

xoxo cynthia janine

2 thoughts on “Things that make me happy!

  1. Thanks for sharing! I had wondered what camera you chose. It is larger than I expected you to get. 🙂 The salad looks fabulous. … I LOVE shrimp. 😀

    Hmmmm. Things that make me happy…..having my kids under one roof. .. hearing their talk and banter. 🙂

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