Weekend Wanderings Episode 4

Weekend(1)Well, hellooooo Summer! Someone walked by the thermostat and gave it a bump or two. I thought this year I was just going to breeze on through and pretend I lived in San Diego or something. Seriously, the weather up here is beautiful and I’m just being a big baby.

Mr. D and I have a vacation planned soon and I am excited to visit a few new places across the country and share them with you.

We have lived here in the Minneapolis area for two years now and just recently discovered Calhoun Square. It is a shopping area that has some great shops and places to eat. These umbrellas are the coolest thing ever! It made my mind go crazy thinking of what you could do for different events with them.

calhoun 1Even though the day was a little dreary they made me happy and smile. The song from Mary Poppins “Go Fly a Kite” came to mind. I know they are not kites, but it’s what I thought of. My girls were with me and it was a lot of fun walking around there.

calhoun 2

moa 1The Mall of America is only about 25 minutes from our house and whenever company comes we always end up there. The first time I went I thought, oh ya sure, roller-coasters in the mall. Probably some little circus looking things. Boy was I wrong! They have big rides that go all the way to the 4th floor, upside and all. Adult rides, kids rides and even a zip line. Pretty cool place to go when it’s really hot or cold outside. These Minnesotans get their amusement park fix all year round.

moa 2I love it when family comes to visit. My two nephews were here for the Fourth of July. There is always something goofy going on when we are all together. Lots of card playing, eating and laughing. This was taken outside the mini-golf that we played. Yes! in the mall. It was a pretty good course, too.

moa 3

moa 4

moa 5The first time I ever ate at Shake Shack was downtown Washington, D.C. Once we ate there we were hooked and had to go each time we went into town. We lived in Maryland for a year and spent a lot of time in D.C. It was only about a 35 minute drive and we loved going through all the Smithsonian’s and taking in as much history as possible. It’s a wonderful place to live/visit if you ever get the chance. I digress…so what I was trying to say was I am really excited to see that they added one to the mall. Along with a hundred other places to eat! Seriously, fast food to a fine dining steak restaurant. They have now added a brand new hotel…you never have to leave! Ha.

moa 6

juicebar 1Truce. Rhymes with juice, right? This is the first time I had ever had a smoothie bowl. First off, make sure you have someone to share it with…it was huge! A bowlful of acai berries blended with a frozen banana. Topped of with fresh bananas, cashew butter and some homemade granola that I wanted to eat by the handful! I was sharing with my daughter so I had to pace myself. It’s a good thing this is quite a drive for me from our house or I would be there everyday. I felt so healthy afterwards. Seriously, I didn’t even have to work out!

juicebar 2

air 1This past weekend Mr. D and I went to a local airshow. I had bought him tickets for Father’s Day and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day. There were gorgeous clouds and the day was just the right temp. I had to take this picture with the Navy plane for my brother who was in the Navy in his younger years.

air 2I like the colors on this one and of course having Popeye on it ramps up the cool factor. I know nothing about planes but, if they are painted nice I like them. Haha

air 3

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like the name of this one and the shininess (is that a word? I just made it one. ha) I imagine anyone else in the sky with it being blinded.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think it might be fun to paint a plane. To let your creative genius just go to work and paint whatever inspires you. How cool would that be?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was neat to see some girls dressed up in the era of the plane and posing for pictures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese were Mr. D’s favorite shots…he must have taken a few dozen of them. It’s pretty amazing when you are standing right in front of it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was my favorite plane of the day. An older lady, Julie Clark was the pilot. “Free Spirit”

If you have been to an airshow you know how fun they are. If you have never been, try to go to one. It is so awesome to learn about the planes and the history behind them. What wars they were in and who flew them.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings Episode 4

    1. I do remember that! It was so awesome. Disney, right? Complete with music when we went down the street. LOL

  1. Yes,,. Dwight Chapdelain built the Carousel that had animals on it and piped
    It’s a Small World from it…. It looked really awesome…I never found out what
    happened to that bus….Yosemite Sam was on the back jumping up and yelling
    to the kids to come to Sunday School! Sis. Howell made disney curtains. We had a
    blast designing and painting it with lots of characters. Fun times.

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