Weekly Clean Eats ~ 1

Cajun ShrimpWith Memorial Day in the rear view mirror it is time to get back to our clean eating. While it was fun to indulge a bit this weekend I am ready to try these recipes. Here is what we are eating this week. Who says clean eating can’t be tasty and fun?!!

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Pecan SaladWith the weather warming up this salad will be quick and easy for a summer evening.

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Personal Taco PizzaWho doesn’t like a personal pizza? This will fix your pizza and mexican craving in one meal. Add a crispy green salad and your meal is complete.

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Stuffed ChickenWe don’t eat a lot of pasta anymore (although it’s fine once in a while) and Italian is always a hit. This looks so delish I may move it up to the top of the list for the week.

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Garlic_Parmesan_Salmon_copyMy family are salmon lovers…paired with some parmesan cheese…Yummo!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Clean Eats ~ 1

  1. I would do something like this cause it’s one less thing to think about! We only eat home about 3 nights a week together cause our schedules are so diverse. So I could just pick 3!! Proud of you Cindy !

    1. Thank you! We are feeling so much better. I totally understand the schedule thing…Tom and I always eat together, but the kids are mostly on their own timeline. 🙁

  2. Megs made brown rice pasta with homemade marinara and turkey meatballs last night. Side dish of grilled asparagus with shallots and garlic and a sprinkle of Parmesan regianno on top. All healthy and clean and makes me feel so much better!
    These meals look amazing! Not to burst your clean eating bubble…..here it goes…..? I don’t eat shrim because they are bottom feeders and are not considered true ‘clean’ eating. Although, they are a great source of protein! ????

    1. Yes, I do get the shrimp thing. They are a treat once in awhile. I just don’t think about it and down they go! LOL Sounds like you have a wonderful cook on your hands. So glad you are feeling better. It is amazing how food affects our bodies. 🙂

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