April Favorites


Hang on one sec. Where did April go??? The time seems to be flying by so quickly. Wish I could just stop time for a month or so then I could get caught up on everything.

Well, with my blog being relatively new I’m hopping on the bandwagon and joining in on sharing my favorite things for the month. So here we gooooooo!

Nine West Flats ~ ~ I am in love with this color! They were comfortable from the moment I tried them on and knew they were keepers for sure. They come in like 12 colors and I am thinking that I need a few more.

Coach Wristlet ~ ~ Seriously everyone needs one of these in their life. This one has 2 zippered compartments. One side has all the slip pockets for your credit cards. This is perfect when you just want to have the necessities with you but don’t feel like carrying a larger handbag. The wrist strap makes it perfect for being hands free.

Beauty Counter ~ ~ I am new to the beauty counter brand and I am loving it. As I get older I am becoming more aware of the products that we use every day, including what we put on our skin. All natural without harmful chemicals is very important and this company fits the bill. I recently bought their foundation (pictured above) and really like how light-weight it is. I’m a lifer on this one.

Jimmy Choo Perfume Stars ~ ~ This was a new fragrance for me. A gift from my kiddos. I was in love from the first sniff. This is my daily perfume and I have gotten so many compliments. It does take me by surprise when someone walks by me and says “you smell so good” and I’ll take it! I am secretly hoping for more soon so I never run out.

Body Brush ~ ~ Okay…I have read about this over the years and finally just bit the bullet and ordered one. On my goodness. From the first time I used it my skin felt so wonderful! Not only does it make your skin feel fresh and soft it has incredible health benefits, too. It is an important step in the detoxing of your body and helps with cellulite. You will receive directions with it and only takes a few minutes before your shower.

I have enjoyed sharing my favorites and would LOVE to hear about something that you love/like so that I can check it out. Who knows it might show up as a favorite of mine, too!

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