My Stikwood Project

There are times when I know I drive my family crazy with moving furniture around the house. I should probably get a job. Ha! Seriously, I think I may have a disease. Is there a re-arranging the furniture sickness? Ohhhhh, I love to paint walls too or rather watch my hubs paint and offer moral support. I bring him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches packed with extra peanut butter to make sure he doesn’t get tired.

Really though, sometimes just a little tweak will keep me satisfied. Change places with a picture, a lamp, some fresh flowers or add wood to a wall. That is what this post is about today. We bought a new house… Before Fireplace Read more

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Easter Memories

Easter-1I am amazed at how fast the time seems to be going by. You will see proof of that in a picture below. Does it seem that way for everyone or just me? I mean, it seems just like last weekend I was running around the mall from store to store trying to find the perfect outfits for each of my children. To finally find matching dresses for my girls and then…oh, the shoes & tights! The boys always seemed to be a bit easier. Washing hair and then making those sweet little babies sleep all night in… Read more

Dreams of Spring

Hello…did you just think Adele?


So glad you have joined me. If you followed me before on “It’s the Coffee Talkin” or just finding me, Welcome. I am really excited about the new fresh look of my blog. I’m ready to take you along on some vacas and let’s try some recipes!

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I don’t know about you, but living here in Minnesota I am so ready for some warm weather. We keep getting a “tease” with a warm day or two and then it gets cold again. I swear the skies are laughing at me.

Do you hear them? Are they laughing at you, too?

So on a recent weekend here it was time for the  annual Home and Garden Show. I bought tickets then told hubs what we were doing. He was a good sport, but after seeing displays for new roofs and gutters and really fun stuff like that UGH, I was so happy to see the flowers! I just wanted to sit by the fountains and take in the beauty for awhile, but remember hubs was with me.

Here are a few pictures from our day and if you are living in a cold area maybe you will get some inspiration for those warm days coming and have dreams of flowers, gardens and running through meadows. We can always dream, right?!

Garden show 7
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