Things that make me happy!

102There is nothing like a beautiful flower and these peonies are really doing it for me this year. I want to plant them in every color.

103I am obsessed with this vase that I saw at Target. Mr. T is in the process of rebuilding our pantry and I am hoping to put this in one of the cubes for decoration. It’s on my birthday wish list.

100I seriously think that I could eat sushi and rolls everyday! We discovered a new place over in Excelsior, MN that has the best I’ve had in a long time. Can’t wait to go back.

101Nothing better than your daughter taking your picture and your husband taking a picture of it all. 🙂

104This is Mia, our little puppy baby. She loves popcorn and I cannot eat it alone. Isn’t she the cutest little beggar ever?!

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