Things that make me happy


I always enjoy these posts. I love looking through my pictures and seeing what pops out and me and gives me a smile. That’s how I come up with “What makes me happy”. As you know I am a coffee lover and this picture made me smile because my daughter took this picture. I was taken at our local Caribou Coffee while her and her husband were here during the summer. The three of us had been out shopping and having lunch and took a coffee break.


We have an area in out yard that we expanded last year and put in a few trees. I have been planting perennials and adding some decorative pieces. My husband’s cousin made this bird bath and brought it to us during a surprise visit. I knew this would be the perfect place for it. We need all new mulch, but I’m going to wait until spring. I mean the snow is coming soon and just going to cover it all up, right?


This is my sister and I in Colorado last May. We were there for our nieces wedding. We don’t get to see each other very often and it is always great to catch up! This was after a long day of visiting with friends and family, dancing, drinks and lots of eating. We both look a little tired in the eyes. lol


I HAD to add this one! Since moving to Minnesota Mr. D and I have missed Baskin Robbins. My favorite is Mint Chip. I have fond memories of getting an ice cream after every time I went to the dentist when I was little. I don’t know why we would go get an ice cream after getting our teeth cleaned. Yep, yay you got a cavity filled…let’s go get ice cream!


This is one of my favorite breakfasts when the weather gets cooler. Why when it gets cooler? I don’t know. lol I think because it’s nice and warm…I like colder things in the summer. I make this with a whole wheat mix, add some bananas (or any fruit you love) and nuts then drizzle with some honey. Perfect. Filling. Don’t worry, you have all day to burn it off!





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